Side menu bar and main screen appears blank and sometimes flickers

Both the main screen and menu bar will completely disappear, I will run my mouse over it and sometimes the content will appear for a second, or it will stay for a bit and then disappear again. Please see the below gif.

I’m a new user just trying to get this up and running, and when I start the app it starts with the blank screen. The menu will be there, for example, and then I’ll click one of the drop down menus and the whole thing disappears again. All other plugin screens generally seem to have a similar problem. The only normal/non glitchy part seems to be the left side bar and calendar when it’s up.

Things I have tried

Deleting all plugins, and trying to see if the issue is my computer however this is the only app that has this problem. I updated my OS to Big Sur. I have quit and restarted, deleted all files and replaced them.

What I’m trying to do

Does this happen with that Help vault? (Click the question mark in the bottom left.)

I found the solution soon afterwards. Had to switch off hardware acceleration. The issue has to do with the incompatibility of my GPU + monitor in combined with that feature. Once I switched it off all began to work fine. Thank you though!

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