Showing the link to a transcluded note in original note

Things I have tried

I have searched for various phrasings of the title of this post in the help forums, on google and reddit.

What I’m trying to do

I am using one big note per book that I am reading. I am putting my notes and quotes in individual notes, so that the original note for the book is like a MOC for many little satellite notes, containing each a single strand of thought.

I have just discovered the transclude feature with the ! in front of the note and I love it! However, when I do this, it now displays only the contents of the “satellite- note”, no longer the link in the brackets that leads to it. I use the link in the bracket as a short description of the note, so its important to me to have it visible.

When I click over in the original book note via backlink from a satellite-note, the text in brackets is visible! However, when I click anywhere else in the page, it disappears. Is thetae a way to have it visible always?

Thank you for your help!

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