Showing Love to Obsidian

Hi everyone! Its me, a fan of Obsidian)

About 2 month ago I Found out that I can take notes not as usual as other people do. Obsidian Helped me with it. I was amazed with this app and the functions that it gives me to use. I really like it and suppose to lifelong using Obsidian. But I am here not for talking about how I like Obsidian. You all know it) I am here to share with you a story.

2 weeks ago I decided to make a 3D style fan Motion-Graphic Promo-Video for Obsidian. It took me 2 weeks to create a beautiful animation and eventually its done. Now I am going to set Lights And materials that will make the video looks good. I want to share with a couple scenes from the video, hope you like it)