Show YAML Frontmatter in preview

Use case or problem

I extensively use YAML frontmatter for tracking various data (e.g. contact information on persons). This is invisible in the preview (while hovering over a link).

Proposed solution

When hovering over a linked entry, I would like to have the option to see the frontmatter there.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Not using frontmatter
  • Opening the linked document in a new pane via CTRL+click
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I will make an extension that solves this issue, someday

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There is a much easier way I’ve found: frontmatter can also be given in the form of

keyA:: valueA…
keyB:: valueB…

instead of YAML frontmatter. This works for the dataview plugin and the preview, but won’t help you with YAML frontmatter commands like aliases. Still good enough for me.

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