Show the whole section where a linked placed

Use case or problem

I can’t see all the info I need from linked content.

Using daily notes tends to create lots of contents that may link to multiple notes. Currently, Obsidian links work well for linking notes one-on-one, which is good. However, we can only see the current line where the note was mentioned in the other side.

file: 2024-01-01
# meeting A
[[project B]]

some info

important info

# meeting B
info B
[[project A]]

When I check on project A file, I’ll be able to see there’s 2 links from [[2024-01-01]] but I’ll only be able to see the line itself where the mention occurs. This is usually not enough.

One of the take aways of linking notes is segregating information across all notes. But current implementation prevents users from getting a holistic view of all mentions. We still need to check all linked files to understand the information.

Proposed solution

Create an option in the Linked mentions panel where to show the whole section of each mention.

Following the example above, Project A would show 2 mentions:

  • mention 1
    • comes from file 2024-01-01 # meeting A
    • shows all # meeting A section
  • mention 2
    • comes from file 2024-01-01 # meeting A
    • shows all # meeting B

By doing that, obsidian would provide a better access to linked information.

Current workaround (optional)

There are many workarounds but non of them are ideal:

One way is to create extra mentions right next to the data you want to link so you know you’ll be able to see that from the other note.

Another way is to go to the target link and create a link to that specific block you want to keep information. This forces you to open a second file.

Last, you can take some time every day to review your daily notes and allocate the information in the other notes. But then, what’s the point of linking notes?

Related feature requests (optional)

I think the deep issue here is that obsidian’s granularity stops at file level (with the work around of linking blocks). What I’m asking here is make file structures count when we link information, so when we define a heading we’re defining as well the boundaries of the information to be linked.

This is similar to what roam does with the bullet points. Other apps like also did this pretty well.