Show the web link to the note page automatically right after publishing it

Use case or problem

Every time I publish a new note, I want to know the link to its page in my site right away, so I can quickly share it with my friends.

Proposed solution

Right after publishing a new note, the link to its page should automatically be shown in a new window where one can easily:

  • import it in a default index note to always be able to retrieve and share it with people, without opening our site.
  • copy it by just clicking on a button.
  • click on it to open it in the browser.

Current workaround (optional)

The workaround I’ve used so far is:

  • publish the new note
  • temporarily turn on Show navigation
  • open my site
  • find the newly published page in the navigation
  • copy-paste its link in a dedicated index note
  • turn off Show navigation again (I don’t want it to be on by default).

The same should apply for multiple notes published at the same time.

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