Show Task depending on fields in the notes

Things I have tried

I have tried using dataview and dataviewjs to create a query for my templates - but I cannot find a way to combine tasks and field information.

where organisation = "XXX"

Which gives the right results, but I get links to all the files too:

  - [ ] action 1

  - [ ] action 2
  - [ ] action 3

I just need a simple list of all tasks I can put in a callout. No headers, no notenames.

What I’m trying to do

I am building a system for project notes. Every meeting note has fields (now in frontmatter), with at least:

  • organisation
  • project

I typically create notes within a project. Now, I want to create a callout on every note page for all open tasks for this project; so, on a note show ALL open tasks for organisation xxx and project yyy.

To visualise this:

organisation = XXX
project = YYY
date = 2022-01-01

would be the frontmatter.

Then, on the bottom a callout:


  • [ ] action 1
  • [ ] action 2
  • [ ] action 3

where those 3 actions are in other meeting notes with also organisation = XXX / project = YYY.

I can find lots of references to using tags in my tasks, but I do not want that - I really want to use fields. And, preferably dataviewjs queries because someone just explained to me how to include them from separate .js fields.

I suspect the problem can be solved in dataviewjs by first creating a var from a query with the where clauses. And then, on the remaining files, perform a query to get all the tasks.

I just do not know nearly enough about the structure and syntax to create this myself.

dv.taskList(dv.pages().where(p => p.organization === "xxx").file.tasks, false);

is a translation of your query at the top of your file into dataviewjs with a bonus “false” parameter at the end to get rid of the grouping by file and make it a single list. (I wish I knew how to get rid of the grouping in plain dataview query language. I know how to add the grouping to a plain Task query, but not the other way around. Anyway, you said you were more interested in JS for multiple reasons.) Note that if you copy-paste the code-block from the forum you might get a bunch of extra ` symbols to delete due to the quirks of displaying code here.
Hope this helps get you started, and feel free to post back if you need more guidance!

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