Show tags in outline

I think it would be very helpful if the outline could also show tags. This would allow quick navigation to related content.
One possible approach would be tags would shown nested under their relevant headings. So the user could see entire doc structure at a glance.

So a doc like this:

# heading 1
## heading 2
# heading 1b

would look like this:

  • heading 1
  • #tag1
    • heading 2
    • #tag2
  • heading 1b



Good idea. Not sure if it should always be visible or turned on by default, but it could definitely be helpful perhaps as a plugin in its own right.

I usually keep my tags up top. But this feature may free me up to strategically place them.

Maybe there could even be a hotkey when this is active allowing you to jump through the occurrences of that tag. Personally I only ever add a tag to a note once, but if it did no harm otherwise, it might be nice to use tags almost like highlights for a specific type of information.

And by no harm, I am thinking that maybe there would be a way to have it not affect the occurrence count for the tag, which is default behavior I think actually. So maybe there might be some use in temporarily turning off that behavior in the links pane so that you could sort by occurrences in the current note, or even sort by occurrences in all notes including duplicates.

Maybe there would be another hotkey to just move through all tags of a document. Could be useful for long notes with heavy heading use.