Show properties of a note in the published pages

Oh, what a pity, I guess it doesn’t works with sliding pages…

Really needed!!!

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Would be great to have this for last edited time and created and links

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I just assumed this would be included by default. Would love to see it available

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My usecase is that I use the properties to link notes together. For example a note could link to a map of content note or another related note using frontmatter properties.
It seems obsidian publish ignores this entirely. Is there a way around that or any plan to support this feature?


Same use case!

+1 this feature

Same need here. +1 for this feature !

+1 would be great to have all Tags in the properties but they are still visible in publish (with no custom domain)

This was exactly the kind of workaround I have been hoping to implement! Thank you!

I was able to combine both a date and tags, but I noticed that on some notes with a lot of tags, the list will run off page and cut off information. Would you happen to have any ideas on how to fix this? I attached a screenshot below and a URL to an example page.

Also, and I’m not sure if this is because I combined dates and tags, but clicking on the date seems to treat it like a tag, pulling up a dialog that says

“Pages with tag Published:2024/05/10
There are no pages that contain this tag.”

Looking at your page does seem to indicate to me that this is a goof on my part. :sweat_smile: Any ideas on how to separate the two? Worse case, I could ditch tags I suppose. I care more about the date in this instance.

I appreciate any help you could give!

I found your tutorial @tadashi-aikawa and was able to figure out both of my questions. Thanks for creating that! I appreciate it. :grin:

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another +1 on this!

+1 from me!