Show properties in transclusions

Use case or problem

One thing I find very useful with Obsidian is to have short pages that represent real-world things, such as as a page for a book along with the year published, author, wikipedia page, etc. Then I reuse that page via transclusion in multiple other notes so I don’t have to keep re-trying that information.

The problem is that properties aren’t included in transclusions, so right now I have to pick between information being structured vs transcludable. I can’t have both at once.

EDIT: I realized I have an example online you can look at. My personal website it made with Obsidian, and eg on this page I can’t see the author: Richard Pawson line of the transclusion when I’m using the Obsidian program, though you can see it in that generated HTML.

Proposed solution

My preferred solution would be for transclusions to also display properties.

Current workaround (optional)

There is a workaround that was helpfully suggested here: Is there a way to show frontmatter in transclusions? - #5 by mr_abomination though I haven’t been using it since it requires per-property work per-page.

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