Show paired (bidirectionally) linked mentions in separate section from one-way linked mentions

Show paired (bidirectionally) linked mentions in separate section from one-way linked mentions.

Let’s mark current file “C” for conciseness.
Now there are two sections/lists of files/links:

  • Linked mentions = files linking to “C”.
  • Unlinked mentions = files mentioning “C”.

Instead, there would be more sections/lists:

  • Paired linked mentions = files linking to “C” which are also linked from “C”.
  • One-way linked mentions = files linking to “C” which are not linked within “C”.
  • Unlinked paired mentions = files mentioning “C” which are also mentioned (either linked or unlinked) from “C”.
  • Unlinked one-way mentions = files mentioning “C” which are not mentioned within “C”.

purposes, thoughts:

  • Fold section of paired links and see only those that are not yet incorporated in body “C”.
  • See things to-do when preparing integral body of text for publishing outside Obsidian where backlinks do not work.
  • Describing meaning of connections between files locally and more concisely, utilizing already existing context information within body of “C”, instead of finding the meaning of connection each time through list of all mentions.
  • Reduce workload of information worker - avoid need to read the same information twice when analysing whole context of “C” which already contains information about some backlinks.


  • If there exists workflow which requires all links to be mixed in one list of “Linked mentions”, than keep here requested functionality optional:
  • on Right-click on “Linked mentions” or (headers of lists)- add option “show paired links separately”.
  • on Right-click on “Paired linked mentions” or “One-way linked mentions” or … (headers of lists) - add option “merge lists of paired/one-way links”
  • Divide/Merge paired/one-way sections for Linked and Unlinked mentions at the same time for simplicity. (either 2 or 4 sections, not 3)

Current workaround:

  • Open local graph and look for missing arrows on edges. Requires visual search each time.

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