Show 'page preview' in graph view when cursor hover

Hey everybody!
Basically the title pretty much says what I’d wish for.
I really like the way I get the snippets of the notes that I hover with my cursor. It would be perfect if this also applied to the nodes in the graph view, especially now that it gets more useful with the upcoming updates.



Ok, but you should have posted this in feature request not bug reports. Moved to the approried section.

Oh, I sure should have! Thought I did it there. Thanks for the quick response!

Just updated the title to reference the current plugin that provides the hover preview -> Page preview.


Wonderful idea

+1 for this very useful feature
tiddlymap for Tiddlywiki has this : the hover popup preview is optionnally ‘sticky’ so that you can scroll and resize the popup (sticky meaning that once displayed, the popup remains on-screen until you click elsewhere, it doesn’t disappear as soon as the mouse moves away)

Hi All,
I would really love it if we could see notes content when hovering above them in graph view.
Is there any plug in that can do that?

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Implemented on 0.9.2