Show inline title or not?

So historically, there was no inline title, so I used an h1 for all my notes. A few years ago, “Show inline title” was introduced as the default. This gave me double titles, so I disabled it and continued as normal.

Now I’m looking at frontmatter, and this renders at the top; If you enable inline titles, it appears nicely right under the title, if you’re using manual h1s as I am, it shows up above the h1, which is less attractive visually.

So I wonder if I should go ahead and adopt inline titles and remove all my manual h1s titles? Maybe I’ve missed the boat on this?


Showing the inline title (or not) is really up to you and not something we can answer one way or the other. Hopefully some folks can post a few pros and cons to think about.

Before removing all your h1 titles, I’d try a cssclass on select notes to remove the inline title and see how it looks / sits with you for a few days. Have a look at notes with and without it side by side. Then you can decide what direction to go in.

In the YAML / Properties of the note(s) where you want the inline title hidden:

cssclasses: no-inline

and the CSS to make it happen:

.no-inline .inline-title {
    display: none;

I see what you mean. I agree, it’s mildly more attractive when you have the title on top.

For another different perspective, I have neither inline titles nor an extra H1. Though I do have the file path breadcrumb at the top, which is enough for me.

The plus to using the inline title is - how ariehen shows - it would make it easier to target that element specifically in CSS. Whereas custom H1s are general. I kind of doubt you could style only the first occurrence of an H1.

Thanks! I ultimately decided to roll with the default of inline titles and leaned on ChatGPT for a script that removed my existing H1s. It looks nicer now, and so far I don’t feel like I’m missing anything important.

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