Show frontmatter tag match in tag search (v 0.9.17)

The ability to include tags in frontmatter is a really welcome addition :slight_smile: Thank you.

Please could you also show the matching frontmatter tags in the search results? At the moment, only the title of the matching file is shown.


As a counterpoint, I really like that the tags don’t show in the search; I frequently search for e.g. tag plus task and I want the first task to show, not the tag.

Perhaps this could be make an option?

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You have a good point there, @Craig

At the moment, there is a mixture of results on a single tag search, depending where the tag resides, which is why I raised the feature request.

If I search for a tag which resides in frontmatter in one file, and in the main text in a different file, I get to see the tag in the main text search result, but not the tag in the frontmatter search result. Your suggestion could solve that problem too?

I appreciate this becomes more complicated if you start combining search terms.