Show folders as areas in the graph


Here’s my thought process:

Folders serve to encapsulate several notes. Not a single note can be contained in two or more folders. This relation is unique within the graph visualization, one that is yet not being shown to the user. Something like this:

We would have then, that no area can overlap with another making easier to both:

  • Notice the connector hubs (as shown in the picture)
  • Notice areas that encapsulate one or more provincial hubs (as shown in the picture).



It would tend to clutter the graph, so it should be optional, but yeah, I like that idea.


Love the idea, and have thought about it myself - I use a limited number of folders, but it would be very useful to see notes and groups like this. I have experimented linking every note in a folder to a note named the same as the folder to fake the same clustering effect.

Note (hah, see what I did there) that this doesn’t really scale for tags as they’re not unique to a note. Past three tags it becomes successively more and more difficult to create overlapping areas that make sense (not to mention allow for the effects of linking). See

This would be really nice. Pair it with this, and you’ll be rolling.

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I love this idea. And perhaps organization of the note location and folder hierarchy could be done within graph. Graph view containers


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I think this is an interesting idea.

This would be great addition for anyone that has a folder centric workflow - links between folders would be more easily visible