Show all documents that have one or more of the tags in the current document in the Backlinks section

Use case or problem

Now that we have nested tags (praise be!), I’m going to use them much more heavily, since this was the biggest thing that I’ve been missing from a previous notetaking app of mine - Bear. I wanted to re-think them in the context of Obsidian. How can we improve their usability aside from just a hierarchy in the sidebar? How can we make them more useful and improve Obsidian’s vision for “a second brain”? The first thing that popped into my head: put them in more places!

Proposed solution

One immediate thing that came to mind was that it would be amazing if the “Backlinks” section also had a section that returned results for all documents that have at least one of the tags in the document that I’m currently looking at - possibly sorted by the amount of tags that match (thus more “relevant” documents bubble to the top?)

Another thing was that I wish there was a search operator to just search for all of the tags in the current document without me needing to find them and compose them into a search. I’d them favorite that search and just use it in-place of the Backlinks option mentioned before.

The Backlinks section addition would be much more discoverable for users, but the search operator would probably be a nice stop-gap.

Tags are essential in my categorization of things (probably more than backlinks themselves for me) and this feels like a natural extension to the functionality that would make people use tags even more than they already do.

Current workaround (optional)

You can search for the tags in the current document, but this is tedious - tags might be at the top, bottom, or middle of the document, so it’s not really simple to just gather all of the tags in the current document and show it.