Show a “Sync completed” banner on mobile when sync completes

Use case or problem

The Obsidian Sync service can cause overwrites if I edit a file on one device before sync completes, on desktop it’s easy to wait for the the little sync icon to complete when first launching but AFAIK there’s no equivalent on iOS mobile/iPad.

Proposed solution

Have an option to enable a “Sync completed” banner on mobile when sync completes.

Current workaround (optional)

Go to settings and view the sync activity and wait for the fully sync’d message.


You don’t have to go to Settings — just swipe open the right-side menu (there’s no button for it, which is why you might not know about it) and watch the sync icon.

That’s still annoying to do, so there’s an existing request to always show the icon:

But your suggestion is an interesting alternative.

Obviously the banner/alert should only show when receiving changes from other devices, or else it would appear constantly.

I’d like to see a “Receiving changes” banner/alert when that’s happening, and then switch to “Sync completed” when it’s done.


Ah I didn’t know about the icon after swiping right, thanks!

Still agree that a banner after a sync could be good as can then be doing other things while it pops up (that or always show the icon as you mention) but either way this eases my pain, cheers!

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Is there a sync icon on android? I don’t see it!

There should be, if you have the Settings > Core Plugins > Sync turned on (I don’t have my old Android phone handy to check but it should the same as on iPhone). Swipe from the right edge of the screen to open the sidebar and it should be in the the upper right corner — a circle with a symbol inside. If you’re using a theme it’s possible the theme might have hidden or moved it, tho that would surprise me.

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