Show: A small app to add thoughts to your daily note (via Tauri app)

I frequently add small thoughts to my daily note from anywhere on my Mac.

So far, I used a custom workflow in Alfred with a single-line input:

It worked, but I often have multi-line input and then it got clumsy.

As others, I have been searching for a quick capture.

And now I build a very simple app, using Tauri (first Tauri app, actually).
It’s not fancy, but it’s open source, it works.
I combine it with a hotkey from Alfred so I can get it up quickly.

Here’s the code and binaries for different systems (Mac Intel and Silicon, Windows, Linux—I only have Macs, feedback on other systems are very welcome.

Everyone loves a screenshot:

It’s really small (~6,5mb) and loads extremely fast.