Shortcut to view backlinks of the backlink (2nd degree connection)

Let me explain this using an example. I will use the Obsidian help files for the illustration.

If my objective is to see all other mentions of the word obsidian in my vault, I have to open Obsidian to see its backlinks

I have to go through an extra step of opening the file to see the linked and unlinked mentions of the word Obsidian. This is easy to do if you just want to see one or two backlinks like this, but this turns tedious when you want to skim thorugh all the mentions of your backlinks in the file start here.

Can we have a shortcut (perhaps right click the word Obsidian, or a hotkey) to open the backlinks for Obsidian pane straight away ?

P.S. This is more like a shortcut to view 2nd degree connection (Backlinks of the backlink)

Many thanks.

Remember that you still have the side pane.

Yes, agreed.

but we still have to open the Obsidian file to see its mention in the vault.

There is no way presently to see the mentions straight from Start here file.

Or in simple words, I would like to see 2nd degree connections (backlinks of backlink)

I hope I am am clear.

you are clear, I understand what you want.
We had internal discussions about this.
We’ll see how it goes!


Just wondering: is something like this possible in the latest builds?