Shortcut to open the next note in folder stopped working?

Hey guys,

There’s no direct shortcut to open the next note in folder, but I found a work around:
I set the hotkey for “Files: Reveal current file in navigation” to Ctrl + ., then press Down Arrow, then Enter.

It used to work fine before, but after I upgraded to 1.5.3 it stopped working. I can still reveal the current file in navigation, use down arrow to go to the next note, but when I press Enter it doesn’t open the note anymore.

I tried pressing Ctrl + Enter, Shift + Enter, Alt + Enter, etc. but nothing worked.
I tried downgrading back to 1.4.6 but it didn’t work.
I tried using the Quick Explorer plug-in, it works but only if you want to open the next note in folder alphabetically.

Anyone has any idea how to fix this? Or any plug-in that lets you open the next note in folder, following how you sort them in your explorer?

Thank you.

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in the 1.5.8 version, they fixed this issue
now you can set a shortcut for Files: Reveal current file in navigation, use the arrow buttons to navigate, and Enter to open the highlighted file (windows/linux)

Good to hear it is fixed.

The plugin Quick Explorer adds the commands Go to next file in folder and Go to previous file in folder.

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