Shortcut keys or preferred hotkeys

I am creating a thread for actions and possible shortcuts.

Over time I will slowly update.

Please replace Cmd with Ctrl for Windows users. All letters are in capital


The most important shortcut to learn is to open the command palette (Cmd+P) as that opens up the list of commands and their shortcuts for you.

You can configure some of them under Settings > Hot Keys

Action Shortcut Keys Remarks
open command palette Cmd+P Most important!! See above
open today’s note DIY under settings > Hot Keys (I choose Cmd + /) Need to DIY
bold selected Cmd+B
italic selected Cmd+I
delete current line Cmd+D
add link Cmd+K
duplicate current line ?? Unknown. Needs help
open note in current panel via link Cmd + click Credit to @s-kyy at this comment
open note in new panel via link Cmd + shift + click Credit to @s-kyy at this comment
navigate history forward Default under settings > Hot Keys > Cmd + Alt + ->
navigate history backward Default under settings > Hot Keys > Cmd + Alt + <-
switch panel if it’s part of history you can use navigate history This is a bit weird but what do I know? :man_shrugging:t2: See comment

Feel free to share your current hotkeys as well

My first attempt at poll. I set groups as trust_level_0. Let me know if you cannot vote.

:raised_hand: if you want the cheat sheet in other formats. Multiple-choice

  • Cheat Sheet as Markdown Note inside your primary obsidian vault :raised_hand:
  • Cheat Sheet as PDF :page_facing_up:
  • Cheat Sheet as Web Page :computer::iphone:
  • Cheat Sheet as Video :video_camera:
  • Nah… just keep it here

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I’m used to using CTRL+D for duplicating blocks/ lines (from Notion). So making it as a delete hot key might be confusing to me personally. Maybe Ctrl + Backspace or just Del would work better?

For hotkeys to switch between panels perhaps the ones for browsers would work?
Next Panel = Ctrl + Tab
Previous Panel = Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Im trying to create an Obsidian only ahk set that can be used to wrap text in ‘==’
ie, to serve as highlight shortcut and also for the different header sizes.

Im also trying to figure out if there is some way to simplify
a. ‘move selected text into linked page’
b. Open link/new page in new pane.

For (b) Open link/ page in new pane.
Have you tried putting the cursor within the link and pressing Ctrl + Alt + Enter? Ctrl + Shift + Left-click should also work.

Or did you mean to do it at the same time as (a)?

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(b) Ctrl+Shift+ Click works well!! Thanks dude!!!

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Added to list above. Thank you.

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In mac Cmd+Tab is typical for switching between apps. I believe, it’s true for windows as well?

For browsers, the tabbing across tabs is actually

Cmd+Shift + ] to go right
Cmd+Shift + [ to go left

I checked the hotkey settings and it’s actually defined

For some reason, the navigation works in a weird way. It works as more like the back and forward history of the browser tab.

so you can navigate between panels IF it’s part of the history. Weird, I know

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  • Next tab = Ctrl + Tab
  • Previous Tab = Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Change App:

  • Next App = Alt + Tab
  • Previous App = Alt + Shift + Tab

Task View:

  • Win + Tab (overview of current open folders, software, etc in a given desktop and I can swipe between desktops, applies to Windows 8-10) Pressing this again returns to the current desktop
  • Win + Shift + Tab = next desktop

Right now the default pane navigation hotkeys in Obsidian is:

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Thanks for clarifying. Haven’t used windows in a while. I can say is that macOS is Cmd+Tab for switching between apps.

I also realized in mac + Chrome, another way to switch the tabs, is also Ctrl+Tab. Not just Cmd+Shift+]

In mac keyboards, they have a Ctrl and a Cmd key.

to switch desktop or task view as you call it, it’s

Ctrl + -> or Ctrl + <-

In that case, @s-kyy I think I agree with you obsidian should make switching between panels also Ctrl + Tab

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duplicate current line : now I’m using cmd+C(copy current line) then cmd+V. althoght it would be better if I can use shift+alt+downarrow

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Dont know if this is the right place to ask, but I am quite unhappy with the Cmd + Shift + Click behavior on Mac. This is because Shift + Click itself always selects the text from cursor to current line before jumping to the new page. This is quite annoying - has anyone an idea how to fix/workaround?