Shortcut Keys for ToDo Types? (canceled, important, question, etc)

What I’m trying to do

So I’m wondering if there is a way to actually enable somewhere I haven’t found, or to assign somehow a keyboard shortcut to change a ToDo/Task item to a specific type of Todo? I had seen that you can do things like the following:

- [ ] - A normal todo
- [X] - a completed todo
- [-] - a canceled todo (strikethrough)
- [!] - an important todo

I often use the “canceled” todo on my daily notes for example where I don’t want ot remove that item, but I do just want to indicate that it wasn’t needed or was canceled. It’s just annoying having to click in the right spot, move the cursor, delete the space, and add the dash. I know, its quite easy to do - but its a repeated all too often. I was hoping there may be some way to add additional options to the CMD+Enter combination for example to rotate through the various todo option types?

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