Shortcut in edit mode to open a pdf outside Obsidian

If I have several horizontal splits in edit mode and click on a pdf-link with the pdf is displayed in this - let say smal split - and is not readable.

It would be nice to add another shortcut like alt+cmd while click on the link in edit mode in order to open the pdf in a extra window of the standard pdf viewer (like it is implementet with the little icon in the upper right corner in preview mode)

If I want to return to the edit view it would be nice to have a simple ‘x’ to be able to klick on to leave the pdf-view. Ok, it is possible to return by using the shortcut ‘alt+cmd+leftkey’ but the shortcuts are a little more advanced skills in Obsidian. :wink:

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Check out the “Open in default app” plugin. This can also help with all other visible files.