Shortcut for toggling List item for current line

Use case or problem

To format the current line as a list item I need to manually type a “-” or a “*” character, but I frequently find out that I want the current line to be a list item after I have started typing and the cursor is halfway across the screen. Having to move the cursor to the beginning type the “-” and then going back is significantly more disruptive to my thinking (the editor gets in the way) than typing a shortcut where the cursor doesn’t move.

Proposed solution

Add a shortcut for “Toggle unordered list item” that will add / remove a “-” (or a "" if the previous line starts with "[any amount of whitespace] "), and if we do this, then it would probably also make sense to add a shortcut for “Toggle ordered list item”.

This solution would also make the set of shortcuts more self-consistent (why do we have shortcuts for Bold, Italic, Highlight but not for List items?) and more consistent with other editors which do have this shortcut (Bear, Google Docs, Office, etc).

Current workaround (optional)

Move the cursor to the beginning of the line and type the character.


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