Shortcut for moving to a specific folder

What I’m trying to do

Have a single command to move a file to a single, pre-specified folder (instead of the ‘Move current file to another folder’ command, which prompts for a destination folder). This is meant as a step in my Input Completion macro, which marks the status as Complete and moves the note from my Inbox to my Inputs folder.

Things I have tried

Commander, Meta Bind, QuickAdd macro… everything just uses existing commands, at least as far as I can tell.

GitHub - kenlim/file-chucker-plugin might help even if it doesn’t do exactly what you want.

Yeah thanks dknight, but that doesn’t at all do what I need. Anyone else have a thought? It seems like I remember being able to do something similar for a particular Template in the past: bind a shortcut key to applying a specific template. But now I can’t remember how I did that. Any ideas appreciated.

You’ll need to switch into something using a little javascript I reckon. This move operation can be done through Templater though, so it shouldn’t be that hard to code.

But it kind of depends on how is your Completion macro defined, and within the context of which plugin?

Thanks holroy. I’m not really sure how to answer that. I’m fairly familiar with Templater, but almost not at all with javascript. Can you point me in a direction to get started?