Sharing part of a vault with second computer

I have one main computer, and a second one I use occasionally. On the main one, I’ve a large Obsidian vault saved in my Dropbox account. Only one of the folders in this vault is relevant when using the second computer.

Is it possible to just shared that specific folder with the second computer, to keep the rest of my vault of that machine?

Or is there some other way to only share a subset of a vault with another computer?

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Have you tried copying the Folder into a new folder, also copy the .obsidian folder into the newly made folder. “.obsidian” may be hidden in your vault so you might want to click on view tab on windows explorer and check “show hidden files”.

  • In Obsidian, open that folder as a vault.
  • That will give you a nested vault. You would need to redo the settings according to your preferences for that folder.
  • Share that vault with the second computer.

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