Sharing my thought: why do I migrate from Roam to Obsidian

Hi, folks. I want to share my experience and thought about Roam and Obsidian.

I have been both Roam and Obsidian user for 9 months. With 3000+ pages and 16000+ blocks storage in Roam, I found that Roam is making me more and more confused and overloaded.

Why did it happen? I think the greatest problem of Roam is that: Roam makes [[page]] and ((block)) quite equal in every aspect. That’s exactly what confuses me.

When should I use page and when block? Which page does this block belong to? What relationship does this block have with others? etc. These questions crowd in my brain, making me exhausted and my graph cluttered.

And it has been well handled in Obsidian. In Obsidian, you always reference PAGEs. Sometimes a whole page, and sometimes parts of a page, which we call “block reference”. I can always trace every ref back to its page, its folder, and its parent. This is a good and intuitive hierarchy mode.

Human’s brain needs Net connecting, but also need hierarchy.

So now I deside to migrate from Roam to Obsidian, with my 3000+ pages. It would be a harsh journey, but I think it’s well worthy.

I am not quite sure whether I made it clear enough because my English is not so good. Hope it will be helpful for anyone who is in the trouble like me. :wink:


@AlanLee: you might find this useful for migration from Roam to Obs.