Sharing content from other apps into Obsidian and be able to choose a vault first not just the last opened one

Hi folks,

I wish there were an option to choose what vault a shared content from other apps the user wants to paste in Obsidian on Android. Currently I don’t see any way except for the shared content to be pasted in the last opened vault unless I’m missing something.

These are the options available so far:

Add text to file:

Choose a file…

Today’s daily note


It would be good to have “Choose a vault…” as the first option followed by “Choose a file…”

I’d appreciate your help or comment you guys, and would like to know if there’s any technical limitation that prevents this feature from being implemented.

Use case or problem

As a user who have several vaults, I’m frequently doing research using different platforms where I find useful snipets of texts that I share with Obsidian to use it as my centralized PKM, but sending the content to the appropriate vault is crucial to prevent the need for moving/coping and pasting between vaults afterwards which is cumbersome.

Proposed solution

Nothing that I can come up with as I think only something integrated in the Obsidian core can make this possible.

Current workaround (optional)

Same as above.