Share to Obsidian Plugin (development started)

Today I started to develop a plugin that will allow us to share notes to obsidian from other tools.

My highest priority use case is a native integration with YiNote.
I’ve created a modified version of YiNote that exports notes in Obsidian MD-Format.
Currently im working on the Obsidian counterpart that accepts the notes and imports them in my current vault.

Therefore im looking for other use cases that could use this functionality. Feel free to describe which tools you would like to interact with obsidian and i will try to integrate them in this plugin.


Thanks for mentioning YiNote, I did not know about it but would very much like to use it.

You say you have created a modified version of YiNote: what does that mean? Will it be a browser extension like the original? If so, I take it there is not need to install the original anymore, right?

Where are those notes stored? I am on MacOS.

I’ve wrote an export module for YiNote that exports All Slides with the Annotations and the Comments into an MD File. I’ve published it under GitHub - MSzturc/yi-note: YiNote browser extension - online video note taking tool

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I’ve managed my first roundtrip. It’s now possible to share a note from yi-note to obsidian.

I’ve registeted a share endpoint that takes notes in md format.

Example: obsidian://share?title=MyNoteTitleURLEncoded&data=Base64EncodedNote

Note taken in yi-note:

Note imported to Obsidian:


I have Yinote installed (via chrome extension web store). How can I install this version with Obsidian share option?

@MSzturc Could you please provide instructions on how to load the extension from your fork? I followed the developer instructions to build it and ran into a lot of errors.