Share "plugin sets" with others

Use case or problem

More of a suggestion, where users can share their “plugin set” that people can immediately click and download all plugins within the set and the ability to adopt their settings or to set to plugin default.

Reason: Plugin counts are increasing everyday and it becomes difficult for new user onboarding. Many have said “there are too many plugins” or that they don’t know which to install first, etc.

This would allow people to share workflows, and at the same time, “here’s a link if you want to install all the plugins I have in my workflow”.

Proposed solution

Possibly a way to share plugin-sets with people with an obsidian:// link. Encourages shareability online.


Good idea!

This would seem easier and probably safer than downloading someone’s vault with all the plugins included. I guess the link would download all the most updated versions of the plugins. The user would simply have to enable each, which is fine by me.


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