Share part of network

As a user of obsidian where notes are most useful when together and it would be time consuming to reformat into a cohesive document , i would like an online platform to upload a small portion of my notes to so others can view the network. This online service to handle sharing the obsidian-notes could be a subscription service.

I incision a share-button that takes me to a screen where i choose notes to add to this upload-package. There should be an option to choose individual notes to add and how many links out from them to follow. For example, if i want to share my notes about a recent event i attended and my information about each individual thing that happend i would choose the note that contains the overarching story now called note A, then choose a depth of 2 so that all notes that A linkes to and all the notes they link to are included.

I suppose this is in the works. Scroll down to add-on services: