Share .obsidian between vault?

Is there any way to share config directory .obsidian between vault? if i have several vaults, I have to configure manually for each vault which is not an elegant manner to use Obsidian, what’s more, if i have multiple devices, i want my configuration to be device-specified. So is there any possibility to move .obsidian out of vault directory and make it globally accessible?

Proposed solution

move .obsidian directory from vault directory to somewhere like the location where Obsidian is installed.

Related feature requests (optional)


I think this could be a good idea depending on how it was implemented. I don’t think it would necessarily be good for people to have to go copy that file to a specific vault in cases where they didn’t want to have their settings changes from that vault to modify their default settings when creating new vaults.

Or maybe what you are saying is that there is only one settings file used at a time across all vaults based on that file. I think that would definitely be a problem for those who customize. Maybe instead a compromise where that central .obsidian file is copied to new vault at vault creation.

At this time, and afterwards, there could be an option for a link between these files and the central settings file to be created. When you made a change to the settings it might ask you if you want this change to affect the main settings file. Assuming you say yes then open a different vault that also has a settings file that was previously linked to the main settings file, it would ask you if you wanted the changes to the main settings file to adjust the settings file within that vault. If you said no, the link would be broken.

But there could be a function to relink them. You would have the option to change and relink the main settings file based on current vault settings file. The other option would be to change and relink your current vault settings file to the main settings file.

I just worry about people getting confused and accidentally overwriting the main settings file unintentionally. There is also the issue of people already used to how things work and this being a kind of important and sensitive workflow to drastically change without widespread support.

You may want to look at this link: "Copy settings from existing vault" option