Share Note plugin 🚀 - share individual notes with full support for themes, images, Dataview, callouts, and more

It seems that moving an Obsidian note to a different folder would result in a new note to the server when updating it next time. Can this be resolved?

This looks so great. I’ll certainly be setting it up this week sometime.

Are you wanting to use your own server (you mentioned HostDrive and DirectAdmin), or are you intending to use my public service? They are two different Templater scripts.

This is now added in v1.1.6.

See the Keeping the same file URL section in the docs here:

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Thanks for the reminder! I meant my private server, and I used as an example. It should be Thanks anyway.

Is it possible to make Obsidian Share work on iOS? I tested with Obsidian 1.3.2 (69), and nothing happens.

Try Obsidian 0.15.9 first, and let’s start there.

Do you mean testing with version 1.3.1 (65) that has the engine v0.15.9? This version gives the same issue. I also tested with the versions v0.15.5 and v0.15.6, and the issue is the same.

Can you see if there is any message in the console. I don’t have a Mac nor access to one, so you’ll have to help me diagnose the issue if that’s alright?

Cmd + Shift + i (or similar, have a search on the forums here) will open the console.


Unfortunately, I did not find a way to see the console messages on iOS like on Desktop Obsidian apps. The following plugin did not work for me:

Ahh, my mistake, when you said iOS I was thinking a MacBook.

iPhones/iPads are very locked down, so it’s quite possible that this script couldn’t work on an iPhone, even if I had one to test with. Probably better to stick with desktop/laptop only.

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For any feedback or issues [post those in the forum thread]
The link is 404 not found.

You can also host your own private version, [see details here]
The link here is good, but ’ Create a new template, with this format:’ section renders incorrect.

  1. Thanks for your great work! It runs like magic!

  2. Do we have any plan to support local-to-cloud sync?
    I read the script and endpoint PHP file. It seems that it won’t sync local images as part of the page. Is it a good point to be a paid-feature?

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Fixed. Thanks for taking the effort to track the forum post down.
  2. Fixed.
  3. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  1. Local images should sync just fine. You can see a local image I synced just now as part of this article update.

Here’s the section of code that deals with uploading the images:

As long as your remote endpoint can receive and decode a base64 encoded attachment, it should work fine.

What issue are you running into?

That’s my bad. I should verify it first.
I am just worrying that it might cost you some expense to upload all images to obsidianshare, hahaha :smiley:
Great feature - no problem on my side so far. X-D

I am considering migrite my notion library to Obsidian Share. So it might be wise to setup my own server. It contains tons of images as the link shows below:

Absolutely I would recommend you set up your own server. I can’t guarantee that anything posted to mine will be around forever. If it ever does get a lot of uptake and the server load gets higher (we are far FAR from this point), I might end up doing something like automatically delete files that haven’t been accessed in 6 months.

I think of it more like a temporary share service, not a long-term web hosting service. If I want to quickly share a note with a friend/colleague, that’s what I use it for. I wouldn’t use it to publish a website.

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One last question: would you please consider including the example endpoint file in the Github repo? It makes sense to allow developers to find all code files in one place.


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Hello. is there an option to delete a previously shared link? i shared a note that I didn’t mean to share (was trying to send to private server) is there an option to delete something that’s currently on your site?

There isn’t, but you could just reshare the same note with no content in it and overwrite it. Either that or give me the URL and I can delete.

how can i share to you? i’d rather not post it here. i tried sharing with no content, and some gibberish but it seems not to update the actual file.

A private message would work fine