Share folder between Vaults using Sync

What I’m trying to do

I have two vaults, “Vault Personal” and “Vault Job”. I have a folder in “Vault Personal” that I want to make available in “Vault Job” (only that folder and nothing else). I want this folder to keep on updating in both vaults using Obsidian Sync. Finally, I am using different devices for “Vault Personal” (stationary Linux and Android smartphone) and “Vault Job” (Windows laptop).

Is this even remotely possible?

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forums and Obsidian help (and asking Microsoft Copilot), but can’t find someone with the exact same problem. I don’t even know how to start to try and fix this myself.

I’m not sure if Obsidian sync would be the correct tool for that single folder syncing. I’d rather setup a different sync between this two folders, and “don’t tell Obsidian about it”. If you sync the folder between the windows and mac computers, the android would get the changes after being synced with the vault.

The only downfall with such a solution is that neither side will be able to detect note renaming, as in propating any link renaming outside of the folder. But I reckon that’s something you’re already used to.

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I believe it’s not. You might consider making that folder its own vault.

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