Share/append link to (check)list

Use case or problem

On mobile (specifically Android), I’m often browsing the internet or YouTube and find that the page/video in question is relevant for a certain research topic or that I wanna read / consume later. Then I use:

  1. android share feature (from Firefox, Chrome, Youtube)
  2. Select obsidian
  3. Select “chose a file to insert”
  4. Select a page that ENDS with a list or check list

The link is now added after the list as a new paragraph.

Proposed solution

I would rather see it as a new list / unchecked checklist entry.

Current workaround (optional)

I edit the page afterwards to add the new link to the list. However that’s a bit cumbersome since it’s essentially:

  1. Position cursor at start of new link
  2. Hit “backspace” / delete multiple time until the new link is on the same line as the last link on the list (careful to not corrupt the existing content)
  3. Hit “return” to add new list entry

That somewhat weird workaround is still better than finding all the special characters for checklists on the mobile keyboard.

Related feature requests (optional)

There’s a checklist button on the mobile toolbar above the keyboard — or if there isn’t you can add one in Settings > Mobile. (The command is "Toggle checkbox status.)

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