Share a note across more than 1 vault


I have a daily todo note that I keep in the top right pane so its always visible. I have two vaults and would like this note to exist in both and keep both in sync.

I tried using a symlink in Linux and placing it in the 2nd vault but the file was not recognized as an .MD file.

How else might this be achieved?


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Have you tried “hard links” rather than “symbolic links”?

Symbolic links have the extension .symlink, visible in the file properties.

It’s not actually a .md and Obsidain doesn’t recognize it.

However, hard links keep the file extension.

In Osidian, the changes are not synchronous (snapshots): if you modify the contents of the file in a side application, you must save it to see the modifications of the file update in the open window of the Obsidian. Or update the file yourself. (Tested on Win10).