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iCloud sync installation on two mobile devices

I started with the setup of the Obsidian Folder on iCloud using my iPad, after a while the folder was shown on the two Macs for syncing. So far so good. But when I start with the iPhone Obsidian advices only to create a new vault on iCloud, making an empty Folder. But the Obsidian Folder now already exists.
What will happen, when I start it again? Is the existing Folder replaced on iCloud?
What is the right way to install Obsidian-App on two mobile devices.

What I’m trying to do

Your vault will be stored inside the Obsidian App folder. Once you want to open this vault in a new device, you should be able to choose it from within the Obsidian folder.

Thank you for the response. I found the data one day later in the App, probably I was too impatient.

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