Setup help around status/summary page designs

Things I have tried

Read a variety of blog posts, reddit forums and the forums here.

What I’m trying to do

My plan is to have a variety of pages tagged together, or in a folder called “projects” or “initiatives” and I would like to setup a page that grabs the latest update from each of the pages to make a rolled-up current state of all initiatives pages. From what I have read, and granted I am very new with the obisidian eco-system, but the most logical way to do that is to use a dataview that would go to the pages, and collect the information for presentation in the “complete status” page. I was thinking each project page might have a summary and some associated details, but would also contain a timestamped update. The summary page would collect the most recent update from the timestamped area.

Does this make sense, or is there a more logical way to set this up?

I think your strategy with #dataview makes sense, though I’m sure there are alternative options also!

Something to think about: What is the format of the information that you want to collect into this “complete status” page? For example, there’s another thread right now pointing out that multi-paragraph pieces of content are hard to query via dataview.

PS: You might want to change the title of this topic to mention that the “page designs” you are talking about are for roll-up or status page queries - when I read the title I thought it might be about formatting the page or something! :slight_smile:

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