Settings search

It would be nice if there was an added search functionality to Settings. I find myself remapping hotkeys and adjusting various plugins and editor settings frequently, and being able to search for those settings would save some hassle over clicking and scrolling through the settings sections.

Maybe the answer is integrating settings into the Command Palette so they are searchable and adjustable with minimal time away from the keyboard.


I specifically would like search on Hotkeys in settings since there are so many of them now. :smile:

With plugin settings added, this would be an even nicer addition.

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I find the search functionality in VSCode’s settings pretty decent, as a reference.

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I have installed the “Settings search” plugin and thought that I could search and directly go to specific settings of plugins - but this does not seem to be the case. There’s a chance that I am missing something obvious, but I don’t seem to get what the plugin does for me. Could somebody explain this to me?

Ah, maybe I am getting this - and this is a search field up on top when I open the “general settings” in Obsidian. I thought I could control this also via Ctrl+P (for example)…

Settings Search Plugin that @kennydenvers is referring to.

Kenny, you can CTRL + , to open settings, then start typing.

Gets the job done for me :+1:


Good stuff, mdroid! Thanks for that input! :slightly_smiling_face:

This does not work in my case. I am using version 1.0 on Win10. Could there be a difference between versions?

Sorry, found the problem. Had to install the plugin. I am new to Obsidian and just installed it :sweat_smile:

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Nice stuff, but I feel like it’s incomplete. It is capable of searching & jumping to the correct settings page, yes. But navigate inside a really-long settings page(Namely, Excalidraw and Style settings)? That, it cannot do.