Settings: Fold Indent w/out Fold Header Shows Fold Arrow Next to Headers

Steps to reproduce

  1. Verify that in Obsidian’s “Editor” settings “Fold Indent” is enabled & “Fold Heading” is disabled.
  2. Create a note with a heading.

Expected result

I expected to see no visual hint that the header is able to be folded.

Actual result

I was given a visual clue that the header was able to be folded.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.2

Additional information

The downward arrow does not function. The bug is visual only.

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What happens after you close and reopen the page?

That fixes it.

Either navigating away from the page & coming back or a manual refresh [CTRL + R] fixes it.

It seems that it only behaves this way on the first note you create after you set your settings so that heading folding is off & indent folding is on.

Personally I always have both on, but while experimenting I noticed the temporary visual bug.

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