Setting Up Sync

I’m setting up Obsidian from scratch and plan to use Obsidian Sync and Obsidian Publish.

I also have Dropbox Business (with unlimited storage) and iCloud.

What is the best way to store large media files (audio, video, photo) with Obsidian synced on multiple Apple devices? (3 Mac computers, and an iPad and iPhone).


I don’t know the best way, and I’m not actively dealing with this yet because I haven’t finished moving my old project folders into my vault, but I plan to keep larger items or collections in a separate cloud service (iCloud Drive, now that it offers end-to-end encryption; I use Obsidian Sync for the vault). I’ll use device-independent links to the files if possible (like if there’s an icloud:// URL scheme), or a non-clickable file path if not (replacing the device-specific path to the iCloud folder with just “iCloud”).

Smaller items (like a single picture that appears in a note) live in the vault itself for ease of use.

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