Setting up hyphenation and justification (+languages)

What I tried to achieve what I imagined

I have tried to set a basic justification and hyphenation for my notes in preview mode, because that is what I am used to, and I think it gives a cleaner look. I mainly write in Hungarian, but lot of my notes are written in German and English.
I am aware of the possibility, that it may only work in English, because of HTML (?), so I tested it on a text written in English.

I have tried the following CSS-Snippet, I found this on the forum.

.markdown-preview-view {
    text-align: justify;
    hyphens: auto;

Unfortunately hyphenation does not actually work, only justification.

I am aware of the fact, that I am using a custom CSS-Theme, but it does not change hyphenation and I tested it with a default, clean vault, and it did not work that way either.

So, what am I trying to achieve?

I need help with the following (prioritized):

  1. Configuring hyphenation correctly (for now only for English)
  2. Configuring hyphenation for another language (for example Hungarian)
  3. Configuring hyphenation for multiple languages

Thank you in advance!

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