Setting separate internal and external link colors in 1.5.11

Give this version a try with all the :hovers separated out:

body:is(.theme-dark, .theme-light) {
    --link-color: #7593ce;
    --link-color-hover: #ecddd3;

  :is(.cm-link, .cm-url, .cm-link .cm-underline, .cm-url .cm-underline) {
        color: pink;

   :is(.cm-link:hover, .cm-url:hover, .cm-link .cm-underline:hover, .cm-url .cm-underline:hover) {
        color: #ecddd3;

CleanShot 2024-03-22 at 03.26.43

Hopefully the variable issue will be fixed in the next release.

As for the editing of your first post: once you have made a few more topics, replied to posts, given hearts, etc., your “trust level” will go up automatically and you’ll be able to edit your posts. It’s a default forum setting to help prevent SPAM, stealth editing of links, and so on.

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