Setting for automatically start sentence with capital letter

It would be great if there’s an optional setting in Obsidian that makes it possible to automatically start sentences with a capital letter.

Scrivener has that feature, and although it sounds like a small thing, in my experience it really helps to write a bit more quicker. Plus to get in a typing flow more easily, knowing that the software does the mundane task of proper capitalisation. :slight_smile:


This would be MASSIVE for me. I largely just write in a stream of consciousness and don’t pay any attention to spelling, punctuation or formatting. My phone keyboard, Word, OneNote, and most other writing applications that I’ve used all capitalize automatically, so the habit is deeply engrained.

If there could be a general Autocorrect feature (I don’t even capitalize proper nouns, for example) that would be an enormous improvement. Perhaps a separate feature request though? (I’ve opened one here)


This Autohotkey script does a pretty good job of capitalizing the first letter of a sentence. Needs some tweaks for bullets, which I haven’t quite got working perfectly. But it’s a massive improvement.

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This function should be by default, imho.


No! Or give it a toggle. Plenty of reasons not to auto-capitalize, code being one good example.

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Well, this is your opinion. A lot of people write code inside Obsidian, but I hardly believe that every note are codes. A toggle is good, it is also default that comes with Obsidian.

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Good lord no. If I’m taking notes in an app, I depend on being able to capitalize or not capitalize the first letter of a line, depending on the nature of the line. IMO, all “auto-correct”-type features (spelling correction, double hyphen to em dash, “smart” quotes, etc.) should be off by default, and should be individually toggleable …

I think the majority would indeed benefit from this feature, as it’s the default behavior in “standard” apps such as Microsoft Word, Pages by Apple or Scrivener. Those apps have huge sums of R&D, so they know what the majority would benefit from. So I think this would be a good idea for Obsidian. There should be a toggle to turn it off though, as some wouldn’t benefit from it, such as developers, poets and others.

Much need for writing notes.