Setting For Attachments Not Sticking

Steps to reproduce

  • Operating system: macOS 11.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.8

Additional information

Syncing using iCloud

I don’t understand.

If I’m getting this one right, I have the same issue. Folder where new attachments should be stored has been defined, and yet new attachments end up on the root.

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I can’t reproduce. Please, post a screen recording.

My apologies but I don’t know what happened to the explanation I typed up of the issue I am experiencing because it looks like most of what I typed is not there.

When I open preferences in Obsidian I am changing the setting in “Files & Links” about where to save attachments in notes. When I change it to “In subfolder under current folder” but that change does not appear to be saved.

The screen recording of what I am doing can be found here:

thank you

You didn’t specify any subfolder. So what do you expect?

I did not see that part of the form appear because it is off of the screen. Thanks for pointing that out (kind of).

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