Set working directory from workspace

I really need a way to set a “current directory” or a “working directory.”

The gist

If my vault is a home, I want to feel like I am working in the right room. I want to do all the food stuff in the “kitchen.” If I am cooking or browsing for recipes, I want to be in the kitchen folder: new recipe notes should go here automatically, and the notes and folders already in here should be front and center.

(The default location option “same folder as current file” does not satisfy me here: I want to be able to grab and look at a note from a totally different folder (“room”) but stay working in "the kitchen).

I very much like Obsidian, but the way in which new notes are located has really been tripping up my workflow for some time.

The closest I can find are ozntel/file-tree-alternative or pjeby/quick-explorer but these don’t exactly accomplish the “current directory” aim.

Essential functionality

  1. New note goes into the “current directory”
  2. The “current directory” can be set from within the workspace and via command

Nice to have functionality:

  1. Display the “current directory” in the workspace, perhaps like
  2. Only display the “current directory” in the file explorer

I’m desperate enough to learn try to make my own plugin, but after poking around github that seems difficult given my lack of familiarity…