Set default attachment folder for "same folder as the file is in"

hestmatematik said:
“But the perfect companion feature to that would be the ability to edit the filename of the embed/attachment on the spot, right there while writing in edit mode itself (and maybe inherit the name of the file with a numerical suffix as the default option).”

Yes! Especially the ‘inherit the name of the file’ bit. This would be ideal.

Example: for a note called “bug in data section”

here is a line of text.
1st pasted image: auto named [[bug in data section 01.jpg]]
another line of the text
2nd pasted image: auto named [[bug in data section 02.png]]

And you can always give it a different title within your md:
[[bug in data section 01.jpg | new title]]


this has been implemented in 0.10.8


That is great news!

Not quite totally implemented, but it’s a nice progress !
As I understand it, there is still no way of naming the image subfolder after the current note.

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Open a feature request specific for that.

Woohoo, that is excellent news. Now just to find out how to become an Insider, so I can play with it.


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Did you ever open a feature request for making attachments relative to the path of the current note/file ?

The feature has been requested here: Support for storing attachments relative to the path of the current note/file

This feature was added in v0.10.8. Obsidian Release v0.10.8

Not yet, sorry !

Now I did : Use the current note name in the attachment subfolder name


Very disappointing. That’s the feature I was just searching for in Obsidian and it’s not implemented it seems. If I have 50 .md notes in a folder, I don’t want all of my images comingling in 1 place. I want them separated by the notes names.

The custom-attachment-location plugin has been working great for me. Highly recommend.