Sequence graph / logic / inference / BPMN / ontologies

Our notes, connected using Obsidian, actually form a graph, and therefore graph theory (nodes, edges, etc.) can be applied to them. To simplify communication, I will therefore use this terminology.

Can I find someone here who would like to discuss the feasibility and desirability of creating a plugin that gives the ability to:

  • create multiple edges between a single pair of vertices,
  • add multiple markers to each edge and each vertex, and then filter the graph by specific markers only,
  • grouping nodes and collapsing them (hiding) in “closed” “folders” to simplify the overall view of the graph
  • decomposing the graph on the plane not only in the central gravity system, but also, for example, in the BMPN graph system or another hierarchy
    etc. etc.

(post scriptum: apologies for any errors, text is machine translated)