Separate Vaults or Separate Folders?

What I’m trying to do

Separate vaults versus Separate folders?

I’m just getting into Obsidian and would appreciate your suggestions on how to move forward:

I am a writer/content producer. So I created a vault and inside it a folder called ‘Write’. I am also doing research for a documentary. I like to keep my work separate and that’s why I was thinking of creating separate vaults instead of separate folders. Is there any down side to having separate vaults?

Thanks for your help!

Things I have tried

When I downloaded and launched Obsidian I created separate folders for everything I do: writing; documentary research; family memories. Suddenly I was thinking of the Evernote approach of putting everything under one roof and it seemed messy.

It’s really up to you. Each vault is its own silo with its own settings, custom themes, plugins, etc., if you choose to change/install any of those.

I have two “main” vaults and they have different themes, colors, plugins, so they are easy to tell apart when I have both open.

One downside of multiple vaults is the settings you have customized. “I set ctrl + shift + e to Toggle Live Preview/Source mode in vault A and B, or was it A and C?” You can imagine the overhead with custom settings if you have more than a few vaults.

I’d say stick to one vault for a while with folders (or whatever), and if a project or scope warrants its own space, you can always split that off into a new vault later.

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Thank you for that advice. I think I am still emerging from the Word and later Scrivener modes where every project is singular (even if Scrivener also more latitude). That’s why Obsidian is both exciting and daunting at this early stage.

Also linking between vaults is much more limited than within them.

Author P. D. Workman uses a vault for each of their fictional worlds ( But I think for most people it’s best to use as few vaults as possible.


You beat me to it! Yes, I use a separate vault for each world/series. It works very well for me.

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