Separate Synced Hotkeys Per Platforms

Use case or problem

I’ve recently started Obsidian more and now using Sync to sync my notes and settings between my Mac/Windows machines.

The problem is that since Mac/Windows have different modifier keys, they show up incorrectly on the other system. This means that for example Cmd+Ctrl+T set on a Mac shows up as Ctrl+Ctrl+T on a Windows machine. I’m a heavy user of shortcut keys, so this is quite important for me.

Proposed solution

Hotkeys should be isolated per platform to avoid inconsistencies due to different modifier and other keys. In my case this would mean syncing a separate set of hotkeys for Mac and another for Widnows.

Current workaround (optional)

The best workaround right now that I know of is to turn off hotkey syncing, but it’s not ideal. I want my hotkeys to be synced.

Related feature requests (optional)